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Our Projects


Deepak Chaudhary

The customer desired a modern and contemporary blend for his home. Something, which is lavishly splendid. In our opinion, using muted hues with a shiny metallic undertone worked the best. The children's room is the ideal place for them to play and relax, along with focusing on their ambitions. The living room, on the other hand, emanates a refined atmosphere to convey majesty.

Bhawna Saini

The house had a large room with storage and a place for their pets when Delusion Interio paid the first visit. The customer imagined a sitting area with two floors and both professional and informal seating. But designing two completely different designs into one room presented some difficulties.

The client also requested seclusion, but not through closed partitions. In order to ensure privacy while enhancing the height difference, we decided to build a see-through wall in the middle of the room. The L-shaped windows provide lots of area for light.

Prashant Gupta

The property owned by this client is situated in Pacific Gold Estate. The plan was to make the most of the lovely open area. We gave it a really lavish appearance per the client's request. Used large, opulent components, and ceilings with mirrors to create the appearance of space. Bright colours and large works of art were used in the living room.