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Vastu Tips for Living Room: An Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jul 8

The heart of every home is a living room where families unite, guests are entertained and memories are created. Having this space harmonious and inviting is important; hence, Vastu Shastra provides proven principles. In order to make your house feel alive by using these trusted ideas, this guide explores the crucial Vastu tips that should be considered when designing a living room including inputs from renowned interior designers cum architects in Dehradun such as Delusion Interio which provides excellent Vastu Compliant Designs.

Understanding Vastu Shastra

According to ancient Indian science of design and architecture called Vastu Shastra, there must be a positive flow of energy in any given space. By aligning your living with the precepts of Vastu Shastra, you can easily boost well-being, wealth, as well as stillness within your residence.

Key Vastu Tips for Your Living Room

Ideal Location and Layout

What Direction Counts: The sitting room must ideally be situated in north-eastern, northern or eastern directions according to what Vastu says (source). It attracts good vibes that give it a hospitable atmosphere.

Entryway: This is the most significant step in the entire planning. If the entry is meticulously designed and positioned, consider half of your Vastu issues solved. Since, the north or east direction promises a continuous flow of positive energy into your home, the main entrance to the living room must kept in either of these directions.

Furniture Placement:

Adjustments in Furniture Arrangement

Sitting Plans: The main furniture like sofas and chairs can be placed in south or west direction with occupants facing eastwards or northwards. This allows for better social interactions and friendlier atmosphere.

Big Furniture: Keep heavy items of furniture such as cabinets and bookcases against South/West wall. It has help to maintain the balance of flow of energy.

Colors and Décor

Paints for Walls: Go for light colors on your walls like white, cream, light yellow, blues and greens. This promotes positivity as well as a serene ambiance.

Decorative Pieces: Use minimalistic decoration without cluttering your space. Incorporate natural objects such as plants that bring fresh energies which clean the air quality inside the house.


Sunshine from Outside: Let enough sunlight get into this hall through large windows particularly those facing North/East directions as suitable positions. Natural light adds cheerfulness while making energy move across.

Artificial Lighting: Use soft, warm lighting to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Avoid harsh, bright lights.

Electronics Placement

TV and Appliances: The southeast direction is governed by the fire element, which complements electronic items, so it is highly suggested to make the placement of electronic items in the south-east corner of your living room.

Avoid North-East: Keep electronic gadgets away from the northeast direction to prevent negative energy.

Decorative Elements

Mirrors: Position mirrors on the north or east walls to reflect light and enhance the feeling of space. Avoid placing mirrors facing the main entrance.

Artwork and Pictures: Choose artwork that depicts positive and vibrant imagery. Avoid pictures that portray sorrow or violence.

Expert Insights from Dehradun’s Best

Home Solution Providers

Leading home solution providers emphasize the importance of integrating Vastu principles with modern design elements. This integration ensures that homes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also energetically balanced.

Top interior designers in Dehradun, such as Delusion Interio, specialize in creating Vastu-compliant living spaces. They combine traditional Vastu guidelines with contemporary design trends to offer customized solutions that cater to individual preferences and lifestyles.

Architects in Dehradun play a crucial role in the initial planning stages of home design. By incorporating Vastu principles from the outset, they ensure that the living spaces are harmoniously aligned with the natural energy flow.

Engaging the best construction contractor in Dehradun ensures that the Vastu principles are meticulously followed during the construction process. Experienced contractors like those associated with Delusion Interio bring a wealth of knowledge and precision to the project, ensuring every detail aligns with Vastu guidelines.

Delusion Interio: Masters of Vastu-Compliant Design

As a leading interior design company in Dehradun, Delusion Interio is well-known for its expertise in the realm of Vastu Shastra. The company boasts an experienced staff who blend current-day designs with traditional Vastu principles to produce aesthetically appealing and positively infused living spaces. Delusion Interio offers complete and customized home solutions that are compliant to Vastu, from consultation to implementation.

We understand that it may not make sense to some people at this point but trust us, once you organise your house according to Vastu, you will experience the difference yourself.
You will realise how these Vastu tips can transform your living room into a haven of peace, positivity, and prosperity. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, incorporating these guidelines will enhance the overall energy and ambiance of your living space. For expert advice and tailored solutions, trust Delusion Interio, your go-to specialists in Vastu-compliant interior design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does Living Room Direction Matter in Vastu?

The direction affects the flow of energy. A living room located in northern, north-eastern or eastern side attracts positive energy promoting harmony within.

Q2. Can Modern Living Room Designs Be Made Vastu-complaint?

Certainly. By blending modern elements with the tenets of Vastu Shastra, you can create stylish living spaces filled with vibrancy and good vibes.

Q3. What Colors are Suitable for a Vastu-Compliant Living Room?

White, Cream, Light Yellow, Blue and Green colours which are light and soft help to bring about positivity and calmness as they imbue it all around.

Q4. Where Should Electronic Devices Be Placed In The Living Room?

Electronic devices should be placed on the south-east corner of the living room since this place is considered as house of fire element.

Q5. How can Delusion Interio help in creating a Vastu-compliant living room?

Delusion Interio specializes in Vastu-compliant designs, offering personalized solutions that blend traditional Vastu principles with modern aesthetics to create harmonious living spaces.


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